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Welcome, I want to take a moment to welcome everyone, members and non-members alike.

As far as our philosophies, all Equinox members will come together to form the Equinox entity. We shall help and be helped, give and receive.

All combat classes are expected to give up all their crafting materials and crystals to the crafters. In return, crafters are expected to provide any combat class with any piece of gear they need. It's a give and take system that will create self-sufficiency within the linkshell. We may also implement a payout system depending on how the economy pans out.

Our combat classes and crafters alike are expected to perform well. Stay updated with recent news, patches, strategies, and theories. All of the aforementioned being private to Equinox members.

We strive to be the best overall linkshell in terms of both gear progression and accomplishments. We won't do everything right the first time, but we will hopefully be the first to get it right.

If you have the drive to keep up with our ambitions and high standards of excellence, and especially if you have the motivation to work on theorycrafting and numbercrunching, consider applying today!


My name is Kalim Avanza and im in Lumos Lumonosa or whatever :3
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